We cover publicly traded Chinese companies, multinationals with big exposure in China, and to some degree, Chinese macro data and analysis. Macro includes wealth management product (WMP) weekly rates and issuance, mainland and Hong Kong property market and luxury sales in and outside of China.

Please email us at with your firm’s information (name, location, and industry), if you would like to review our current research coverage and offering terms.

China Macro Trip Spring/Fall 2014 

The three-days policy conferences are for and only for investors and each trip is limited to 10-15 investors.

Sample research:

Residential Developer Monthly Survey

We conduct monthly sales office surveys and in depth interviews with developers at local levels, loan officers at banks, trust companies and other shadow banks, to assess the state of the Chinese housing market (primary and secondary markets, land transactions, commercial housing transactions), incremental demand and supply, and financing, both quantitatively and more importantly using anecdotes and industry chatters from reliable sources.

Developer Survey Series May 2014

QSR customer surveys, restaurant menu and pricing monitor (Biweekly YUM, MCD and SBUX China Divisions On and Off-line Surveys)

Sample:Online Consumer Survey Shows a Strong Recovery of KFC China — March 23 2014

Nu Skin China sales monthly tracking: online and offline

Import luxury auto dealers surveys (BMW, TSLA, Audi, MB)

Chinese domestic auto brands survey (2014 focus: BYD, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Buick, Skoda, Audi, BMW, Toyota etc)

Monthly exporters survey

Monthly Luxury Brands Sales (Swiss watches, hard and soft luxury sales)

Monthly Online Video Traffic Monitor (Youku, Baidu, Sohu, Alibaba)

Sina Weibo User Activity Update – Feb 2013

Sina Weibo User Monitor – Nov 2013