Speaking Engagements

Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals, Lunch and Dinner Keynotes, September 14, 2015

American Chamber of Commerce, Beijing, April 21, 2015

Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China in Beijing, April 21, 2015

Columbia Business School 7th China Business Conference, March 27, 2015

Columbia Business School 7th China Business Conference, April 25, 2014

China Investment Group, April 17, 2014

Cambridge University, UK, Feb 11, 2014

London School of Economics, China Conference, London, February 9, 2014

Foreign Correspondents Club of China, Shanghai, December 14, 2013

American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, December 12, 2013

The Book

“Tiger Woman on Wall Street – Winning Business Strategies from Shanghai to New York and Back”  (McGraw Hill, November 2013)

Interview and Media Appearances

Forbes Column – Due Diligence

Bigthink – China’s Intensifying Anti Corruption Campaign, July 2014

 Nikkei Asia Review: Unwinding Restrictions Won’t Boost China’s Housing Market for Long, August 5, 2014

 Nikkei Asia Review: Expired Meat Scandal Shows ‘X Factors’ Still Abound in China, July 31, 2014

 Nikkei Asia Review: China Property Market Past Tipping Point, July 3, 2014

 Nikkei Asia Review: Is Tesla Motors Overhyped in China? May 8, 2014

CNBC: The Biggest Drag on Tesla Earnings: China, February 11, 2015

CNBC: Why Yum Earnings are a ‘Non-Event’, February 4, 2015

 CNBC: Yum Brands’ Dismal Earnings Could Continue, October 7, 2014

 CNBC: How China’s Anti-Trust Crackdown Would Impact BMW, August 24, 2014

 CNBC: Why Weibo’s IPO is Bad Timing, April 16, 2014

CNBC: Yum’s Peak Cycle in China is Over, April 24, 2013

 CNBC: Expect Alibaba’s IPO to be Hot, March 25, 2014

CNBC Power Lunch: How To Play Twitter IPO with Chinese Social Media, November 2013

CNBC Asia: China’s Third Plenum, November 2013

• PBS News Hour: Challenges To China’s Sustainable Growth: ‘Exit, Voice, And Loyalty’, November 2013

• Bloomberg TV: The Wall Street Tiger Woman Holding Keys to China, December 2013

Bloomberg View: China – A Giant Black Box, May 2012

Bloomberg TV: China – A Wild Card, June 1, 2012

Forbes: China’s So Called Commercial Banks Are Anything But, June 28, 2012

Forbes: Insiders’ View – The Making of A Chinese Stock Bubble, February 20, 2012

Forbes: Is Muddy Waters Profiting from Research or Rumor Mongering, August 17, 2012

MarketWatch: 3 Reasons Why Tesla Isn’t Plugged-in to China’s Auto Market, January 14, 2015

MarketWatch: China’s Slowdown Can Be Good News June 3, 2013

MarketWatch: Chinese Stock Market – A Value Trap, December 4, 2012

MarketWatch: Chinese Stock Bubble-and-Bust Made in the U.S.A., January 20, 2012

The Wall Street Journal: 中国低增长为何有利于投资者?June 4, 2013

The Wall Street Journal: 中國股市是一個“價值陷阱, December 7, 2012

The Wall Street Journal: 美国制造”的中国概念股泡沫, August 17, 2012

The Wall Street Journal TV: Chinese Stocks Bubble-to-Bust, January 23, 2012