JL Warren Capital LLC
JL Warren Capital LLC

Competitive Edge

We are stock analysts not company analysts.

•  Unlike traditional equity research analysts at investment banks, we focus on stocks, not just on companies. Companies and stocks are distinctly different. A good company does not necessarily mean a good stock.

•  Our expertise is to identify and concentrate on information critical to a stock’s performance within a specific time horizon.

We believe in exhaustive and meticulous due diligence to generate competitive edge.

•   We develop views on an industries, a company, and ultimately on its stock price, by conducting exhaustive and meticulous due diligence which is labor intensive while dependent upon industry expertise and business acumen.

•   Our research focuses on distinctions from consensus opinion and concentrates on stocks for which our research creates a competitive edge.

Independent advisory means unbiased recommendation on stocks.

•  Our ability and flexibility to layout investment conclusions is due to the removal of the moral hazard, namely, any potential conflict of interest in the entity being analyzed.

•  Despite the Chinese Wall, sell side research continues to primarily serve its’ banking business, namely underwriting and advisory services. Therefore, traditional equity analysts are still effectively restricted or limited in expressing their candid opinions.